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What is the Kita Biosonic Peace Machine and How does it Work?

The Kita Biosonic Peace Machine is a small device engineered to transmit sound frequencies across the full 20,000 Hz frequencies perceptible by the human body system. Attached to the device are two sonic cushions used to transmit the healing frequencies directly to the body. The receiver wears headphones in order to receive sounds perceptible by the human ear and complement the vibrations from the cushions.


The Kita Sound Healing process resonates sound vibrations throughout the body as the healer applies the body sonic cushion to various body parts, starting from the spine (along the autonomic nerves),  then to the shoulders, neck, lower back, and legs. Since the smaller sonic cushion is hand-portable, vibrations of sound can be applied like massages to specific points that need healing, such as the eyes, shoulders, knees, intestines, etc.  

Keiichiro Kita

Healer, Scientist, and Inventor of the Kita Sound Healing Method


What are the Benefits of Kita Sound Healing Treatments?

The Society for Harmonic Science has identified the following 4 benefits of Kita Sound Healing, after years of research and analysis:

  1. Cleanses bodily fluids

  2. Adjusts the balance of autonomic nerves

  3. Accelerates the circulation of lymph and helps egestion of waste products

  4. Increases “good bacteria” in your body and suppresses the effects of “bad bacteria”

You can read more about the benefits at the Society for Harmonic Science main site.

What Can I Expect as a Recipient of a Kita Sound Healing Treatment?

In most cases, you will lay face down on a massage table to receive a Kita Sound Healing treatment. You will remain fully clothed and be covered by a comfortable blanket or cloth. Through headphones, you will hear relaxing ambient music and one sonic cushion will be placed under your feet. The healer will move a smaller sonic cushion in specific patterns across your body, as well as apply a synchronized healing touch. 


The normal effect is an immediate deep relaxation, and the recipient often falls asleep. This is absolutely fine, as the sound vibrations are awakening the body’s deep intelligence and vitality, at a subconscious level, and all the benefits of a Kita Sound Healing treatment can be experienced whether asleep or awake. If your sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system has been highly activated, the sound healing treatment may finally provide a space and setting to initiate deep rest and healing.  

Prior to beginning treatments, you must complete a waiver.

Who Should Seek a Kita Sound Healing Treatment?

A sound healing treatment is recommended to anyone who wants to activate their health and enhance their well-being via their body’s own, innate healing powers. You don’t have to be sick or ailing to receive or greatly benefit from this transformative experience. It is a promising and exciting method of complementary and alternative medicine which emphasizes harmonizing the body-mind to increase vitality and health. A Kita Sound Healing experience is beneficial for those who would like to improve their immunity, augment metabolism, and improve mental health.


Treatments are appropriate for those of any age, and the protocol is adaptable to different physical conditions as well. Even pets can greatly benefit from Kita Sound Healing sessions!

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