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Bring the power of sacred healing sound into your own home with our thoughtfully designed kit. Intentionally create a space to invite moments of mindfulness, reflection, and healing throughout the day, or as part of your daily practice time. 


With your purchase, access and download a guided sound meditation to enhance your practice. 


The Sacred Sound Space Kit includes:

  • 3-inch metal singing bowl with silk cushion and mallet
    An ancient sacred sound instrument to generate healing vibrations
  • Lapis Lazuli healing crystal wand 2"- 2.4" height
    A stone associated with healing and the Medicine Buddha
  • Nag Champa incense (1 box - 15g)
    A traditional blend from India with sandalwood for grounding and to evoke divinity.
  • Tibetan incense holder with offering hands - 4.5"
    To hold your incense as well as flower and water offerings
  • Tea candle and holder (clear glass)
    To make light offerings in your sacred space
  • Altar cloth (14" x 19") hand stamped by Harmonic Hands
    To define and protect the space for your Sacred Sound Space set up
  • Guided Sound Meditation
    Use the QR code included in your kit to access a guided sound healing meditation created exclusively for this kit by professional sound healer Allison Ausherman.

Sacred Sound Space Kit

  • 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. If not satisfied with your kit, return within 30 days for a refund of purchase price.

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